Qore: Can I Get My Money Back?


Once again we’ve heard that we were getting something ‘with’ Qore, only to realize it’s not included with the download (or else they’ve hidden it so well that nobody seems to be able to find it).

Annual subscribers to Qore were supposed get invites to the closed Home Beta with the November issue, and if Sony/Qore had managed to pull it off THIS TIME… I was prepared to write a nice piece saying that maybe they had their <expletive> together.

Nothing in the download area. Nothing listed in my ‘Services’ area. No email containing a code.

It’s just not there.

Really, at this point I don’t care if it appears in the next 30 seconds, 30 days, or 30 years. I’m halfway through my subscription, almost nothing has been delivered at the time an issue is released, and apparently the pre-orders I’ve already placed for a game gets me ‘more better’ special treatment when it comes to early looks at upcoming releases.

Thanks for the memories, but I’m done.



  1. Figures, not only do they not follow through with something AGAIN i just burned 1.5g of my bandwidth, cause comcast sucks, on crap again

  2. oh you want to use your bluetooth remote and navigate qore… well NO we hate you, love Qore. ok so they didn’t say that and it is entirely a work of fiction but what the hell i don’t want to have to turn on my controller if i don’t have to, sorry but i just found this out so i thought i would comment on it

  3. God I couldn’t agree more. I think that Qore realizes just how many people bought annual subscriptions to this purely for the likelihood of getting into the closed beta before the open beta hits and now that we’re all 6 months into our subscriptions they just don’t care to get it to us in a timely manner. I mean legally they never promised anything to begin with, but it was heavily assumed by pretty much everyone.

    Just another case of a typical company under-delivering.

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