Game Review: Gears Of War 2

gears2The Gears are in for another fight with the locust horde, want to know what I think?

Check out the other side.

The second game in the Gears of War series is here, with all the massive loss of blood.

Graphically, to be completely honest, doesn’t look any different from the first Gears of War. And why should it?  It is Epic and they just used what they had in place already. It looks amazing.

The voice acting, music, and sounds in the game are perfect for whats going on.  And the surround sound is great.

Gameplay is just like the first; you run around getting as much cover as you can to keep yourself alive.

Controls are all the same.

Storyline… wait…  this is Epic. They have no story.  You just run around killing people right?  NOT this time. They have a story in the game and I think it actually works really well. I guess they went and hired someone to write for them.

Multi-player I haven’t gotten into, and since everyone i play games with is rocking in Resistance 2 why would I.

Over all: This is the same game with different levels and a storyline, so if you are a Gears of War fan and don’t have a PS3 for Resistance 2 BUY IT.
If you played the first one and just want more of the story to play out RENT IT.

If you have a PS3 and can’t pull away from Resistance 2 DODGE IT.


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