Game Review: Resistance 2 (PS3)

rescover It is time for the next chapter in the story of Nathan Hale and the Chimera invasion of Earth. Arguably the best title at the time of launch and perhaps the best shooter of the PS3’s early life, how does the sequel stand up?

Let’s step inside and take a look at Resistance 2….

Resistance: Fall of Man is one of my favorite games on the PS3. I have played through the single player story many times over and logged countless hours in multiplayer since it’s release. Resistance 2 begins right after the the first game ends.  This time, instead of London, the Chimera have invaded the United States and it is up to Nathan Hale and a  group of soldiers called “The Sentinals” to lead the fight against the Chimerans. These soldiers, like Nathan Hale, are immune to the Chimeran virus and have been brought together and trained to defend the United States from invasion.

I will not divulge any more of the story as it is one of the strong points of the game and I wouldn’t want to rob anyone of it. I found myself really immersed in the story and reading every piece of scattered intel (yep, intel is back, but not as many as before) that I found, looking and reading all the signs in the towns and listening to the radio broadcasts in the background.  Insomniac has done a wonderful job with the story, paying attention to every detail as they have always done.

The first thing you will notice is that it has had a graphic overhaul and it does look very pretty, especially if you have an HD TV. The controls are very tight and have gone through a little bit of tweaking, primary fire is still R1 but the secondary fire of the weapons has been moved to R2.  There is also the “Shaky/Crash Cam” when you sprint similar to the one found in Gears of War and the weapon aim has been moved to L1 instead of R3.

One change that you will find from the previous installment is that the Weapon Wheel is gone and you can only carry two weapons at a time. It took a little getting used to, but also made the game more challenging as you were left with the decision of which weapon choice to go with when you came across another weapon. I truly believe this was for the best as the game probably would have been way too easy if you were allowed to carry all the weapons at any time.

Speaking of weapons, there are 7 returning favorites and 6 new weapons… The carbine returns, unchanged. The Bullseye and Bullseye Mark II have also returned but this time around when you tag an opponent they are highlighted making it easy to tell that you have actually tagged them instead of a pole or barrel next to them. The shotgun, Fareye and Lark return virtually unchanged as well. The Auger is back but this time you actually see the full siloette of the enemy through the wall instead of just a red cross-hair and you can now tell when you hit them.

The new weapons include:

The Magnum – a pistol in which its alt fire detonates any previously shot primary fire rounds.

The Marksman– A Chimeran sniper rifle that has less zoom than the Fareye but has a higher rate of fire.

The Pulse Rife – A highly damaging beam weapon and it’s Alt fire is a concussion blast.

The Bullock– A fire based weapon that’s has a napalm charge for it’s secondary fire.

The Wraith – A chain gun which can deploy a shield that moves with the player

The Splicer – A weapon that shoots saw blades or you can spin up a blade in the chamber for melee attacks.

You still have the Frag grenade, Hedgehog grenade, and Air Fuel grenade at your disposal as well as the new Spider Mine.

Along with the single player story, there is also the cooperative story mode which runs parallel to Nathan Hales story. In this mode, the player and up to 7 other players (two player local split screen if you like) work together through missions that span the different areas in the other campaign. In this mode, you choose one of 3 classes; The Medic, The Soldier or  Spec Ops.

As you play through these missions, you gain experience and gain access to new weapons as well as abilities they call “Berserk”. These berserks can be used by filling a meter as your kill enemies, and then press down on the d-pad for a temporary ability. These abilities range from a healing aura to more damaging ammo as well as being more resilient to enemy fire.  In my opinion, this is the funnest part of the game, playing through the missions with some friends and having to come up with strategies to  complete the missions as they do require a bit of thought. Some of these are very challenging to complete. During these missions you collect “Gray Tech” which you can use to purchase new equipment for your character.

On the competitive side of multiplayer, deathmatch, team deathmatch as well as the standard control point modes return as well. The game itself has an in-depth stats section to see all your latest kills and efficiencies of weapons. There are in game medals along with PS3 Trophy support, you can find a list of Trophies here.

I would highly recommend this game and give it a buy without a second thought, just on the single player but with the cooperative story mode and hefty amount of multiplayer replay. I definitely say BUY IT and also buy a copy for your friend while you’re at it.  I am still seeing copies of the collectors edition at local game stores. I would recommend this as I believe it is worth the extra cash. You can find a breakdown of what is included here.

Brian SaysBUY IT



  1. R2 is truly a great game! Sites that have been rating the game a 70 *cough* Variety *cough* are retarded and/or are xbots. Don’t listen to them. If you’re skeptical, rent it, but I am 100% positive you will enjoy it. It’s practically guaranteed! Great honest review btw, thank you!

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