Notable DVD And Bluray Releases For 11-11-08


Yeah… think I’ll give you the rundown of this week’s notable releases.

Really, you only need to know about one.

Wonder which one it is?

Firefly: The Complete Series – (NR) New To Bluray

If you’re not familiar with Firefly… shame on you. A pox on your family! Seriously, this is a MUST-HAVE title.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army – (PG-13) DVD And Bluray Release

Hey Guillermo! I need a list of your fond childhood memories so I can relieve myself on them! Del Toro needs to stick to his pet projects (you know, the GOOD films he makes like ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’) and stay away from big budget cash-ins based on comic book icons.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars – (PG) DVD And Bluray Release

Really?!? The first Star Wars property to be released on Bluray… and we get THIS!?! Of course, I’ll buy it because Master Lucas says it is his bidding…

Sopranos: Complete Series – (NR)

You know, I don’t have HBO so I never really got a chance to see the Sopranos. I’ve heard good things, so maybe I’ll…. HOLY MOTHER OF ALL THINGS DECENT!!! $260 FOR A DVD SET!?! Maybe if it was on solid gold disks and came with a sensual massage… maybe. Isn’t this in syndication? Yeah… think I’ll set Tivo to find it for me.

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Close – (NR)

That’s because your mother is a skank… and I hate Christmas movies. Bah humbug.


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