I'll Take A Slurpee And… Wrath Of The Lich King Early!

7-Eleven employees apparently need some instruction on the meaning of ‘street date’. Reports have been coming in that some convenience stores are unaware that they shouldn’t be selling WOTLK before November 13th.

I made a trip to my local 7-Eleven here in Salt Lake City and was told they were ‘already sold out’ except for pre-orders. When I further inquired if they had sold through their preorders, or if they just hadn’t received the game yet, I was told ‘all but a couple of pre-orders have been picked up’.

I then asked them if they were aware the game wasn’t supposed to be sold until November 13th… I got a shocked look followed by some double-checking (reading their OWN SIGNS) and some panicked phonecalls.

Good times… good times…

Who knows, maybe it was just the one employee who was confused. Maybe that particular location never actually sold one early.

But we know SOMEBODY is breaking the street date:


If you’re lucky and you want it early, you may want to make a run to the corner store.

Pick me up a Coke Slurpee and a Big Bite while you’re out.


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