XBox Live Drops The Banhammer!

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  1. Firstly, if you have been wrongly banned then of course you have redress and are entiteled to fight your corner by the usual means. You have after all the proof that you own an un modified console at hand. Sadly the tens of thousands of bans this month indicate that piracy is rife and costing software houses millions. I have a modded console but not for playing pirate games but I have simply added various fans to keep the thing running cool. This does not bother the likes of microsoft, case mods and the like also do not concern Microsoft. What does cause concern is the shear numbers pirating or playing copied games on flashed consoles. Since the console is sold as a loss leader the only way to make the money back is buy selling the software for it. If 100’s of thousands buy cosoles to which microsoft lose a small amount of money on each, then in turn have no legit software purchased for then you you can see why Microsft would get quite annoyed.

    As for how Microsoft detect the consoles, they simply check the firmware of consoles and drives to see if they have been flashed when they are connected to XBL via various software that allows them access to your consoles hd and gaming history. The latest drive in the Xbox 360 cannot be flashed as the firmware is heavily encrypted, this makes them impossible to play pirate games on easily. Rather than ban all flagged consoles Microsoft seem to have elected to drop the ban hammer on a select number and simply ear marked the other consoles for a later date. As to why this might be the case is up for debate but it seems logical to me, the threat being if you drop it right across the board you are likely to drive it underground where it cannot be controlled or detected.. This way they know they can catch everyone, albeit over a period of time. In the interim they will make some money on the various peripherals and XBL fees and be able to keep an eye on the modified consoles and their firmware that is periodically updated from time to time to avoid detection. However they have already detected the console prior and keep it flagged for additonal changes.

    I am not sad to see owners that play pirate games lose functionality on their console, rather I am more annoyed that my software costs me more because others are having a free lunch. One can only imagine the number of consoles going to be sold on ebay before christmas that cannot be used on XBL.

    If piracy is alllowed to get the the levels we are seeing with PC’s then the console industry would collapse overnight. The PC industry can get away with selling games for £30 and less due to shear number of owners around the world (who ain’t got a PC or two, however consoles rely on the vast majority to be legit gamers buying legit software. Consoles unlike PC’s are sold at a loss which means they are very reliant on legit software being purchased. They are sold at a loss because the numbers sold are relatively small and you need to sell as many as possible in a short period of time to make the venture worthwhile and establish a customer base big enough to make it worthwhile for software housed to invest in making worthwhile games that in turn extends the consoles viability. The life span of a console is but a few years and cannot be upgraded like a PC to extend it’s life. So you must reach critical mass very quickly or end up like Atari, Sega and the like. On the back of that having such a small customer base in relation to PC’s means it is critical that the majority purchase legit games or it is a doomed format to which software houses will not invest time and money to support.

    So as you can see if Microsoft want to stay in the console market then it is critical to defend against piracy at all costs. So to those that say piracy does little harm, well it might be the case for PC’s but it does have a massive effect on software prices for consoles.

    The gaming industry is worth more than the music industry and film industry put together but is a lot less stable and a giant company can crash and burn in a very short period of time if it is unable to protect itself against piracy.

  2. Y is xbox doing this they will lose a lot of money out of namechages and people will keep on doing this this debate by xbox is pointless its gread for them too.

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