Rock Band 2 Vs. Guitar Hero: World Tour – Drum Comparison

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  1. Cool post. I like the games too but find both kits to be kind of so-so. I’m probably going to pick up the ION Audio Drum Rocker Rock Band 2 Drum Set after the new year. Have you guys used this at all? I’m curious what other avid gamers think about it. It has gotten good reviews so far and supposedly will work for both games. Anyways, keep up the good work fellas!

  2. I haven’t tried the ION kit yet, it’s only available for XBox, and I do most of my playing on the PS3 (it’s coming next month though).

    We’re self-funded, so anything we review comes out of our own pockets… so I can only afford one. 😉

    I do own an ION MIDI Kit for music composition, and it’s decent… the pedal is very similar to the GH:WT pedal (which is a little squishy for my tastes) but I should be able to swap it out for an after market job.

    I’ll write up an article when we get one at the Bastard Cave.

    Brian did get to play an ION demo unit at one point, so he could probably add some feedback.

    At any rate, glad you liked the article… more to come.

  3. I agree, the cymbals are annoyingly low, sometimes I hit the right cymbal when I am trying to hit the right pad…

  4. That’s the first time I have seen anyone talk about the new Rock Band 2 drums being loud. The quieter pads they were attaching were supposed to quiet them down significantly I thought?
    So any impressions about which game is better for drumming? I spent hours researching whether to buy GH:WT or Rock Band 2 and ended up going with RB2, although it is hidden in the closet until Christmas. We played RB 1 at the neighbors and the kids loved it, so I went that route.
    I did manage to gather a ton of information though, it’s available here if you like,



  5. Well… they are louder when compared to the GH:WT set. The RB2 set IS much quieter than the RB 1 set, but it’s still in need of some dampening.

    Not a big deal to me though, I play at insane volume, but thought it should be mentioned.


  6. Have you seen this video of the guy playing the guitar part on a homemade drum set??

  7. What’s up with all the world tour sets being broke and not working outta the box? Also does anybody know if the wt set works with rockband 2 on the ps2?

  8. Hey Hieronymus, that video you plugged does not feature a home-made drum set it is a DrumKAT. See

  9. This review was fair and I just learnt that I can RAISE the cymbals for WT drums! I’ve been playing on a shitty 10cm elevation of the red and green pads for a week, heh, a noob I am =), Nice review Matt

  10. where can i get the patch to make my world tour drums compatible with rock band

    • All you need to do is be connected to the Playstation Network or XBox Live, launch Rock Band and it will automatically patch.

      • well see i have world tour drums for the ps2/ps3
        but im using them on a ps2 platform.
        is there anyway to fix that?

      • Ouch… not any way that I’m aware of. The patch saves the settings on your machine, not on the drums itself, and I don’t believe it works for PS2 (it doesn’t fix the GH drums in RB because of it).

  11. never heard it here but my guitar from guitar hero world tour is not working with my RB1. Is there anything I can do to fix this issue?
    many thanks,

    • It SHOULD work if it’s working in GH… and your RB1 has the latest patch. I’m guessing (and it IS a guess) that you need to connect your PS3 to the internet, then launch the game. It should automatically patch you to the latest version.

      If you’ve already patched, then I’m thinking the guitar is defective… but if it was broke, you’d think it would be broken for both games.

      Hope that helps,

  12. sorry, forgot to say that I’m using a PS3

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  14. Hey guys, overall what wuld you get rock band 2 set or guitar hero set????? Plz email me…

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