Game Review: MotorStorm Pacific Rift (PS3)

msprMotorStorm is back, did they improve on the original or is it just more of the same? Check out the other side for a review of MotorStorm Pacific Rift….







MotorStorm was a nice surprise when it came out in 2007 and sold pretty well worldwide so it was no surprise that a sequel was forthcoming. I enjoyed the original with a list of exceptions; lack of local multiplayer via split screen, painful load times when just trying to choose your vehicle, lack of environments and being stuck with a lack of vehicle options on certain races.

After spending a lot of time playing Pacific Rift, I am very pleased with the improvements over the original. Most, if not all of my gripes have been addressed this time out and my experience is a good one.

Graphically Pacific Rift looks amazing, I am not sure if it is graphically better than the original or if the variety of  environments is just more appealing to the eyes. In this iteration, there is pooling water, rivers,volcanoes, jungle terrain and a lot more opportunities to take flight off of jumps.  Like the original, there are still multiple paths to take to reach the finish line which play to the strengths of the different vehicle classes. The same classes are back  and a new “Monster Truck” class has been added. This is a welcome addition but much like the “Mud Plugger” class, tends to get in the way and can cause a bottleneck in some of the areas.

If you thought it was fun to punch other drivers on the ATV or Motorcycle, this has returned. They also added a  “Ram” button for the larger vehicles because it was too hard I guess to just steer sharply into other racers. I dunno if it was really needed but it works well enough. The ability to cause obstructions in the track by taking out pillars of building or awnings if you will is one of the new things I enjoy most.

The same race types are present as well as a speed lap, which is a single car race which you do not get the option to change the vehicle type and you try to race through markers before time expires. You drive through a marker and it adds time and try to go through the preset marker amounts before time expires.

Multiplayer is 12 player onlineor 4 player on a local machine via split screen. In my opinion, this was one of the biggest missing features from the first MotorStorm.  You have this incredible looking game that you probably would show off to your buddy only to play something else because you cannot play against each other. With this feature, it is definitely something to play with a few friends and is a fun experience.

Load times are much improved and you do have the option to quickly choose a car via a 2D representation of the car or go into a 3D view is you are so inclined.

The audio is significantly louder than most games, I cannot count the amount of times that I have left the disc in and when I turned on my PS3 had the crap scared out of me by the sudden boom of audio. The sound in the game is as you would expect, nice rumble of the engines and crunching of metal when you wreck. Speaking of wrecks, you can skip through most of a wreck sequence if you like this time instead of watching and waiting each and every time. Which can add to frustration if you are having a particularly rough race.

This title also has Trophy support if that is your thing. Some of them are of the time consuming, grinding sort but there isn’t many that are not too difficult to collect.

Overall, I have enjoyed my experience with MotorStorm and believe I will continue to play it as the months go on.

Brian Says – BUY IT



  1. […] In my opinion, this was one of the biggest missing features from the first MotorStorm. You have this incredible looking game that you probably would show off to your buddy only to play something else because you cannot play against each … Original post […]

  2. This game is so fun,,,,,i love it,,,

    it’s fun when you are on your own but it’s even more fun when you’ve got your friends over.

    great review man,,,i also recommend this game.MS:PR and burnout paradise are my top2 racers for now this gen

  3. p8cRtO hi! how you doin?

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