Digital TV Transition: What You Need To Know

Various Big Box retailers, cable companies, and satellite providers are giving out blatantly false information in order to frighten you into buying services and equipment you don’t need.

The Digital TV Transition will happen on February 17, 2009… and most likely will not effect you.

Find out if you need to worry inside (you probably don’t).


If you’re using an antennae on your TV, or on the roof of your house (not a satellite dish), then this means you.

If you are currently receiving a television signal from your cable provider, or a satellite dish… congrats, you can stop reading now, the transition won’t effect you at all (contrary to what you may be hearing from Comcast, Time/Warner, Dish Network, or DirecTV).

If you ARE using an antennae, and you still want to receive your free over-the-air television programming, you do NOT need to purchase a new television set. The analog tuner built into your television will no longer receive channels after February 17, but you can get a converter box that will allow you to use your existing equipment to get the new digital signals.

How much does one of these ‘converter gizmos’ cost?

I’m glad you asked… about $40-$50.

But wait! There’s more!

Because of the potential economic impact on lower income households (and advertising revenue for the networks), our government has decided to spend millions of taxpayer dollars to make sure nobody gets left behind.

If you’re in need of a Digital Converter Box, you can visit this link and get a $40 coupon towards your purchase. There is a 2 per household limit, but I doubt you’d need more than that.

$40 may not cover the whole cost, but you’d be left with pocket change after the coupon. MUCH less expensive than a new television set, and you’re still getting free programming.

Don’t listen to any salesperson that tells you that you NEED a new TV, or a new service, to get the channels you’re already getting for free with an antennae… it’s simply not true.


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