Steam, Source Engine, Left 4 Dead Coming To Linux?


The team over at Phoronix have discovered some VERY interesting things by picking through the Windows-based version of Valve’s Left 4 Dead demo.

It appears the demo includes .so files (like .dll files, but for Linux), many named in conventional Linux fashion including the word linux itself.

It’s a long, technical read, but builds a pretty convincing case that Valve is working on a Steam client for our favorite penguin, as well as Source support. Meaning Half Life games are potentially coming to Linux, and specifically Left 4 Dead is slated.

Color me thrilled. Read the full article by Phoronix here.


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  1. Now *that* would be sweet! A Linux Steam client – be still my pounding heart… The free CrossOver Games WINE version works only okay. I’d love for a real Linux one.

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