Qore #7: You Have GOT To Be Kidding Me!

qorenegI turned to Brian JUST LAST NIGHT and told him I wasn’t going to dog on Qore this month… I didn’t think they could do anything more to alienate subscribers than they have the last 6 issues, and I was thinking that maybe I should cut Veronica and company some slack.

Then I saw the news today, I have to admit: I was wrong. It CAN get worse.

And based on that… I must rant.

While I’ve always argued that most users subscribed to Qore to get access to betas and early demos, I was assured by many people (including some folks WORKING on Qore) that it was the VIDEO CONTENT I should be paying for, and the videos alone were worth the money.

Today, via the Official Playstation Blog, Sony has announced that Qore Issue #7 will be FREE FOR EVERYONE.

Do subscribers get a refund for the ‘unused’ episode? How about a one month extension to their subscription?

Nope… subscribers get access to the ‘Flock’ demo. Nothing more, nothing less.

If past performance is any indicator, they won’t even get THAT right away, probably having to wait a couple weeks before it becomes available.

Let me get this straight: the demos are just gravy, and I should pay for the video content… but you’re going to give the video content away for free and ‘compensate’ me by giving me a demo when you get around to it? Somebody remind me why I paid for this damn thing.

On November 25th, Veronica Belmont (via twitter) sent the message ‘Not feeling like a team player today.’

You shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you, so I don’t expect a response from her, but I wonder (and probably always will) whether or not this was prompted by the news that issue #7 would shafting its audience again.

Be strong Veronica… the contract will expire eventually.


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