In Response To Superstition And Lunacy…

Something tells me that the folks over at aren’t going to let my comments through moderation… so I’ll recreate them here.

Read the article here, then come back and read my reply… it’s okay, I’ll wait for you.

My response:

The three things I look for that completely discredit these people?

1. Anyone that considers parapsychology a science.

2. Anyone that believes in ghosts.

3. Anyone that writes a website about paranormal activity and doesn’t know how to use spell check.

Seriously… let’s stop calling it a science, and call it was it is: a bunch of grown people wandering around in the dark, trying to scare themselves, while carrying Radio Shack clearance items.



  1. Please leave your comments in our site, I will let them through.

  2. To your credit, it took a few days, but you DID allow them through.

    Good on you!

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