iTunes To Be DRM Free By End Of This Quarter!

And in LONG awaited news…

Both guys apparently blinked.

Apple wanted to keep prices of all songs at $.99 but wanted to remove all DRM from the iTunes Store.

The record labels wanted to be able to ‘tier’ pricing, so that they could charge more for popular songs… and of course they wanted to keep DRM included in the package.

EMI struck a deal with Apple in the last year that was a compromise (and removed DRM from their catalog), but other labels were holding out… until now.

By the end of this fiscal quarter, all music on the iTunes store will be without DRM (that’s good), and the price of songs will vary from $.69 to $1.29, depending on popularity.

I’m okay with this, my musical taste tends to be more esoteric. I just don’t get that crazy stuff you kids are listening to these days.

Is this the end of DRM? As far as music goes, I think it is.

Now, if we could only convince the MPAA to follow this route…


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