Reality Knocks

fpOr it rings the door bell. In this case it walked up while I was outside and said “delivery for Josh.”  My Figure Print has arrived and is a lot bigger than I thought. Check the other side for pics and info.

On December 5th I got my E-mail from Figure Prints


You have been selected to create your very own FigurePrint!

I was stoked, finally I was picked in the random drawing for my very own touch of reality.  I placed my order that very moment and awaited the next step.

Dec 15th they access the World of Warcraft Armory and see what I want my print to look like.

Dec 22nd the crazy awesome machine that makes the print goes to work on making my print.

Jan 5th OMG its done and shipped, I get to sit and look at a tracking page and wait for it to show.  Estimated time of arrival is Jan 8th.

Jan 7th Because of the stupid snow all the rental cars in the area are gone and they can’t tell us when they will have a car so Ali and I can head to Vegas for CES.  So sitting around waiting for a call from the car rental place I head out for a smoke at 12:30.  In the middle of that smoke the truck pulls up and hands me a box, I have now totally forgotten that there is no car and head inside to crack it open and take a look.

This thing looks great, came in the dome ready to go sit on a shelf. The top of the print is at 5 and 1/2 inches from the base of the print. The dome size is 8 inches wide and 8 and 1/2 inches high. I think they had to put it in a over sized dome because of the bow but that’s ok. All of you hard core WOW players are probably looking at this asking why did I use that set of armor. Well that is what I had at the time that looked the best, my mixed gear from the armory now would just look really funny.
And yes that is House in the back ground. 😉
The detail on the print is just great, I wasn’t expecting the little things like the pole arm on the back and if you look closely you can see that my characters pony tail has been pushed to the side by the pole arm.  I have put some of the major questions and answers from the Figure Prints site at the end of this if you want some more info on what it takes.  Also yes from the first picture my characters name is Ebels and is on the Silver Hand server.  Look me up if you are on that server and need a friend.

What are FigurePrints?

FigurePrints are one-of-a-kind, custom statues of your World of Warcraft® characters created using high-tech 3D color printing machines. Our artists pull your character from the virtual world and bring it to life.

How are FigurePrints created?

Our servers grab your latest character data from the World of Warcraft Armory, create a custom 3D model, and then let you pose it any way you like. Once you are happy with the way it looks you simply hit “Print” and our proprietary software prepares the model for printing. Our artists finish the process, turning your selection into a high-quality collectible. Once it has passed our artists’ inspection, your print is packaged carefully and shipped directly to your home.

I was with you up to the “printed” part. How do you print a statue?

We use technology previously reserved for the manufacturing industry, called rapid prototyping machines, to convert three dimensional computer models into physical objects. The electronic version of your FigurePrint is cut up into more than a thousand very thin slices. The printer creates a slice at a time and the slices are stacked on top of each other to form the final three dimensional statue that we call a FigurePrint. We remove it from the machine, hand finish it, mount it in a glass display case and it’s ready to go.

What are FigurePrints made of?

They are built out of a plaster-like powder that is then bonded and sealed to make it strong and colorful.

Will the character be exactly as I see it on the screen?

It will be very close, but not exactly the same. Please remember that to create these pieces of art, there are several stages that our artists and machines must complete to translate game data to a physical model. Our custom software, along with our art team, interprets the model data from the game and transforms it into a physical representation of the character. This interpretation includes increasing the resolution, identifying and thickening certain aspects of each model that are too thin to print, brightening the colors, and sharpening small details to enhance your individual FigurePrint.

During the final pass our artists may tweak the angle and position of the weapons and armor to make a stronger and more aesthetically pleasing final statue. They may also need to add additional support elements to make sure that the print is stable given the gear and/or pose you have chosen.

How big are FigurePrints?

We print all characters in scale relative to each other so depending on the race of the character and the pose chosen the resulting statue can be as large as eight inches tall. Smaller characters have the option to be printed on larger bases to give them a boost.


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