Loco Roco 2: A CES First Look

locoroco2As in past years, one of the biggest booths at this years’ CES was the Sony Computer Entertainment booth. With products ranging from TVs and Blu-Ray players to the latest and greatest Playstation 3 and PSP games and accessories, Sony had a lot to offer. My personal favorite item from Sony was Loco Roco 2. Check out the other side for my first look at the game.

When I was first introduced to the original Loco Roco, I was instantly hooked. The game is fun and pretty addicting. So when I saw PSPs with Loco Roco 2 on them, I had to go try it out. Half an hour later, Josh finally dragged me away.

My first impressions of the game? I loved it! Sony basically took the original game, and added some new features. One of the most prominent are the mini rhythm games. After getting sucked into a hole, musical notes appear around the edges. As the cursor goes around the screen, you hit circle over the notes to get the Loco Rocos to sing and open new areas. Another fun feature are the rocks you get sucked into to break through rocks and spikes that are in your way.

locoroco-21All in all, I’m even more excited for the game then I was before I got to play it. If you liked the original, go buy it when it comes out! I know I will. Look for this game in stores in February of this year. For more information and gameplay footage check out www.locoroco.com.


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