Bag Of Mad Bastards presents 'Five Minutes Alone'!

It’s our new animated series!

Through the miracle of procedural animation, and barely restrained hostility, B.O.M.B. has put together yet ANOTHER podcast series.

Join us as we rant about tech-related annoyances and peeves… in five minutes or less.

In our inaugural episode, Matt tells you everything you need to know about ‘Cloud Computing’.

You can subscribe by clicking on the image, by going to the ‘Podcast’ page, or by clicking here.

You can also get a PSP compatible version of the show here (.mp4 format), or you can watch the High Quality version on your computer here (.wmv format).

And if you REALLY like the theme music, it’s a piece I recorded a few years ago called ‘Organ Donor’. You can get the High Quality, DRM-Free MP3 here.



  1. Alright Matt.. Sure sure.. Cloud computing on a centralized server in the netherworld may not be a good idea (although google file is pretty badass).. But the idea of centralizing your data to one location for easy access anywhere does have some merits. I had to look into this idea for my company when we considered doing offsite backups for our customers. The idea didn’t take off but I did come across some very cool pieces of software that would sync you data across locations so you would always have access to it. To me this is more of ‘the future’ than hosting it on some webserver that doesn’t belong to me.

  2. I’m still VERY wary… and what you’re talking about is a step removed from what Apple, MS, Google, and Dell are talking about.

    They are essentially advocating a ‘hard drive replacement’ for home users, that THEY will have ultimate control over.

    That scares the hell out of me.


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