Game Review: Fallout 3

fallout_3_cover_artBethesda once again has set out to suck many hours of your life away, it is a little late but let’s take a look at Fallout 3….







When I purchased Fallout 3 I made a very big mistake, I purchased 3 other games that week. I picked up the collectors edition (one of the best out there) and began watching the bonus disk movies. I immediately began playing, 3 hours later (which passed so quickly) I realized that if I continued to play this, I would never play the other games that I purchased. So I shelved it for a while so that I could finish the other games and come back and dedicate some serious time to it.

For those not familiar with the Fallout series, it is a RPG that takes place in a post-apocalyptic United States (Mainly Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia). To avoid nuclear fallout, people took shelter in underground vaults, this is where your journey begins. Beginning with your birth and skipping through important parts of your early childhood, you begin to create your character and start a path of either good, neutral or evil. The story telling is superb, giving you a good feeling of attachment with your character as well as immersion in the world.

Visually Fallout 3 is gorgeous, well it  is a wasteland afterall so there are a lot of darker colors but the detail is there. Character models are excellent, especially when you encounter a super mutant. Weapon effects are great and the carnage that you create adds to the fun.

Combat can be done in two ways, real time or tactical using the VATS (Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System) mode. VATS mode allows you to pause the action (Provided you have action points) and strategically pick what part of the enemy you wish to hit or multiple enemies. This is very useful and adds yet another level of depth to the game. Have a feeling that you may be in a fight you cannot win? Target the leg of your foe and try to cripple it. This will slow them down and give you a chance to get away or perhaps get some distance to get your action points back up. Enemy pummeling you with a mini gun that requires two hands? Why not target one of his arms, make him drop his weapon? You get the picture, shooting them in the head is always fun, particularly when you land a critical and get to watch it explode in slow motion. Very nice touch.

A few of my friends complained a bit that real time combat was too difficult but I honestly didn’t think it was too bad and really didn’t mind when my action points ran low.

There are plenty of missions outside of the main quest to keep you busy for hours, if this is what you look for in a game. Plenty of customization with your character. The decisions you choose during your adventure will affect the outcome and how people react to you. I honestly didn’t make it too far into the game when I already started planning my second time through it. 

Fallout 3 definitely deserves all the accolades and attention that it has received and should be part of your library. I recommend picking this title up if you haven’t already, there are plans for add-on content as was the case in Oblivion.  Bethesda does an excellent job of providing a world to play in with a good balance of humor and the freedom to pretty much do what you want. On that note, time for me to go put a few grenades in some unsuspecting pockets….

Brian Says – BUY IT



  1. This was one of those series I missed but want to go back and play from the start.. 1990’s graphics be damned! Another old game that became a time sucker for me was XCOM. Man that AI was f**king incredible!

  2. You and I both, I never played the original Fallout games but this one has really made me want to go back and give them a try

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