Game Review: Cuboid (PSN)

cuboidThere is something to be said about a good puzzle game. Something addicting, challenging but not so difficult that it makes you want to throw your controller down in frustration… Let’s take a look at Cuboid shall we?

You can’t mention the puzzle game genre without mentioning Tetris, Bejeweled or a more recent favorite of mine, Lumines. While the three of these games are very similar, other than a few basic variations, they are all played on a 2D plane. Cuboid is an interesting addition to the puzzle genre, though how new the idea is I am not sure. I recall a Flash game that I used to play that was very close to it but the name escapes me at the moment.

At any rate, in Cuboid, you must maneuver a 3D block over suspended tiles to an end-gate. Sounds easy right? Well the earlier levels are, but as you progress and items such as triggers, wooden tiles and splitters start showing up in the levels, it starts to really become challenging. cuboid2

Triggers activate bridges and enable paths not previously opened to the gate. There are two types of triggers, one that you just have to touch, and the other you have to place the full weight of your cube on by standing your cube on it’s side (see screenshot).

Wooden tiles are much too fragile to hold the full weight of your cube, so you have to make sure you are touching two tiles. Otherwise you fall through.

Splitters, split you in half and teleport each half to predetermined locations on the board, where you can then move each half, or rejoin them by placing them next to each other.

The backdrops in the levels look great and the sound doesn’t get irritating. The game does have trophy support and none of them are too terribly difficult to obtain. I found the game challenging but fun, and never frustrating for me, always trying to beat my previous best for a given level and make sure that I receive a gold medal on each one.

I actually played this on the wrong profile (yes, I have way too many on my PS3) nearly completing it, when I noticed my mistake and started completely over without hesitation. I enjoyed this game very much. There is no demo available, but there is video footage on the PSN that shows gameplay and really gives you all the information that you need to make a purchase decision. At $9.99, I was a bit skeptical if it was worth it the money, but after playing for a few hours I realized it was money well spent.

Brian Says – BUY IT


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  1. It seems quite Echochrome for PSP, a great brain game

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