Game Review: Magic Ball (Playstation Store)

mbWe gave you a preview and a trophy list for Magic Ball. How about a review? Wanna know what we thought of the game? Then read on!

Just like the classic brick-breaking games, Magic Ball gives you a paddle of sorts and stuff to break, but this time in a 3D environment. You play through 2 episodes of 25 levels by yourself or with a friend.

You can play with a friend locally or online. Both work very well. You each take half the playing field and you each get a ball to start out with. You only have to keep one ball in play though, so don’t worry if you lose one of the balls. Online play works well with minimal lag. One thing to be aware of though, you may experience a temporary freeze on one of the systems. I was lucky enough to have the other player sitting right next to me so I looked at his screen for the few seconds my screen was frozen.

So does the game live up to our expectations? I’d say so! Magic Ball is a lot of fun and oh so addictive. And it’s got trophies! What more do you need?¬†Go BUY IT! magic-ball


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