Game Review: Soldner-X (Playstation Store)

Sony has a number of games to offer through their Playstation Store; some of them are great, while others we sit and wonder at. How does Soldner-X stack up? Check out the other side to find out.


Set a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Oh wait. That’s Star Wars. Sometime in the distant future right here on Earth, a deadly infection consuming life forms and technology alike is threatening our way of life. It’s up to you, an anti-hero mercenary and bounty hunter, to pilot a mighty prototype star fighter and save the day.

Just like the classic starfighter arcade games, you fly across a 2D world shooting everything in sight. While the graphics aren’t all that ground breaking, the game is actually pretty fun. You start the game with two weapons, the pulse and the beam, and unlock the bow, the flame, and rockets as you go. There are also other fun little trinkets to pick up along the way.

The gameplay is respectively difficult the first few times through, especially since every time you get a game over you have to start back at the beginning. However, the more you play, the higher your rank. As your rank increases, you get more tools at your disposal (such as additional credits for continues) to help you make it through.

So was this game worth the $9.99 price? If you’re looking for a classic shoot-em-up arcade game to fill in your free time, I’d say sure thing! It even has some trophies, if you’re willing to work for them.


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  2. […] read the review (we hope), now here’s the Trophy […]

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