Who Can You Trust? Apparently Not Belkin

Engadget has been reporting about a scandal involving Belkin and the Amazon user review system.

Apparently Belkin, creator of many peripherals and networking hardware, has been paying individuals to write bogus positive reviews for their products on Amazon.

Did anybody think this WASN’T happening? Did anybody at Belkin REALLY think that word wouldn’t get out?

In an attempt to quickly repair a public relations nightmare, Belkin has owned up… kinda. Apparently they are pinning the blame on ‘rogue’ employees that started the practice without their knowledge.

Really? I’m curious if they were paying for the project out of their own pocket. I’m sure the accountants at Belkin were mightily aware that money was being siphoned out of the coffers to pay for these reviews.

Sick, sad, and incredibly boneheaded. You can be sure this will be brought up on DMT #66.

Catch a more in-depth story, as well as a great screen capture of Belkin’s ‘guidelines’ for payment on Engadget.


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