PS3 Trophy List: Cuboid


Brian wrote the review, he seemed pretty impressed.

I’ve yet to play it, but it looks fun.

Did we mention it has Trophies?

Get the list inside.

Bronze Trophies

Complete ‘Ring’ Level

Complete ‘Goblet’ Level

Complete ‘Rod’ Level

Complete ‘Sword’ Level

Complete ‘Shield’ Level

Complete ‘Crown’ Level

Bronze Master
Collect 20 bronze medals in Expert or 30 in Beginner mode

Silver Master
Collect 15 silver medals in Expert or 20 in Beginner mode

Gold Master
Collect 10 gold medals in Expert or 15 in Beginner mode

Speed Master
Complete 20 levels with lightning speed

Ground Breaker (hidden)
Began playing Cuboid

Abyss (hidden)
50 falls

Determined (hidden)
Spent 8 hours playing Cuboid

Silver Trophies

Complete 15 levels in a row without falling

Beginner Master
Complete All Beginner levels

Expert Master
Complete All Expert levels


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