The Trophy Race Has Begun!

rocky04800-copySunday January 25, 2009: Matt and Josh hit 400 trophies on the PS3. Being the competitive bastards they are, they decided on a race. Starting at 8:22 Sunday night, the first to 500 trophies wins and gets the bragging rights! Check back daily for updates on what games they play and what trophies they earn. Who will be the Ultimate Bastard Trophy Whore? Only time will tell.

Matt’s Current Total: 473

Josh’s Current Total: 454



  1. Matt’s Progress Report For 1-25-09

    8:22pm – The race begins!
    8:47pm – Playing Cuboid, got the Beginner Master Trophy
    8:49pm – Still playing Cuboid, got the Rod Trophy
    9:26pm – More Cuboid… liking this game. Sword Trophy achieved
    10:24pm – One more from Cuboid: Abyss Trophy. Frustration was setting in, so I just started rolling off the side. Hmmm… 50 falls and you get a Trophy. Sweet!

    Matt’s Progress Report For 1-26-09

    12:26am – One more Trophy before I went to bed: Mirror’s Edge, I finished the Prologue Speed Run under the Target time.
    4:50pm – Home from work, time to get to hunting Trophies.
    5:03pm – Playing Cuboid, got the Silver Master Trophy.
    5:13pm – Equilibrist Trophy (Cuboid) is mine!
    5:23pm – Still with the Cube… Gold Master Trophy.
    5:32pm – Might as well get the Bronze Master while I’m at it.
    5:42pm – Switched games to give my brain a rest. Just got the GTI Club+ Don’t Stop Me Now Trophy.
    5:43pm – Doing some PC repair… virus scan is over, so I have to get back to work on a computer.
    7:28pm – Back to Mirror’s Edge. Collecting some satchels. Bag Lady Trophy is… well… bagged.
    7:41pm – Picked up a few more Runner Bags in Mirror’s Edge. Ran Out Of Fingers Trophy.
    7:47pm – Mirror’s Edge… Up, Over, Under, Onwards Trophy.
    8:08pm – Still digging on Mirror’s Edge: Martial Artist Trophy. Got this one screwing around while working on a different Trophy.
    8:10pm – The one I was working on: Mirror’s Edge Tango Down.
    8:40pm – Switched to Prince of Persia… not sure I like the controls, but I got the Block Master Trophy.
    8:42pm – Oh look… still playing Persia, and I got the Heal The Land Trophy.
    10:06pm – Found a bug in Cuboid that makes one of the Trophies impossible… unless you use a workaround. I did, and I unlocked the Speed Master Trophy.

    Matt’s Progress Report For 1-27-09

    1:58am – Last one before bed… Cuboid Shield Trophy.
    5:25am – Woke up to find by Cuboid Determined Trophy is complete. Nice!
    4:32pm – Magic Ball… 25 in a Row.
    4:58pm – Magic Ball… Millionaire’s Club.
    5:31pm – Midnight Club: Los Angeles… The Basics.
    5:59pm – I can’t get away from Midnight Club fast enough. Turn In The Work Trophy.
    6:07pm – Make it stop… my brain is bleeding… Everyone’s A Critic Trophy.
    6:11pm – Midnight Club… oh man this game sucks… Saving Los Angeles Trophy.
    6:27pm – Moved on to Ferrari Challenge. This is MUCH better. The Graduate Trophy.
    6:37pm – Gotta be careful, I could spend a week on Ferrari Challenge. Hot Shot Trophy.
    7:08pm – Much as I want to keep racing, I should try something else. First Challenge Win Trophy.
    8:55pm – Josh owed me an assist, so he helped with a multiplayer Trophy in Brain Challenge. Card Game!
    11:35pm – Took a break and watched some TV with Josh and Ali. Now I’m working on MK vs DC. Combo ChampionTrophy.
    11:38pm – Hmmm… The Flash uses a bicycle kick? Heroic Brutality Trophy.
    11:45pm – MKVDC still… Free Fallin’ Trophy.
    11:49pm – Fatality!
    11:52pm – Last one for the night… The Pugilist Trophy.

    Matt’s Progress Report For 1-28-09

    3:49pm – Finished up Cuboid with Crown and Expert Master Trophies.
    4:25pm – Getting back to Uncharted. Never finished it before, and I fear I’ve forgotten all the controls. Ah well… 30 Headshots Trophy.
    4:26pm – Uncharted: 50 Kills: PM – 9mm.
    4:32pm – Uncharted: Run-and-Gunner.
    4:42pm – Thinking I’m eventually going to need to restart Uncharted and play through the whole thing. Brutal Slugger Trophy.
    5:39pm – Took a break. Trying Mercs 2 for the first time. School’s Out Trophy.
    5:52pm – Mercs 2: The Rage.
    6:11pm – Mercs 2: Shoot to Thrill.
    6:24pm – Mercs 2: Ride the Dragon.
    6:25pm – Mercs 2: Hello Hooray. This game is okay… not great, but okay.
    6:30pm – Time for some auto repair, a new episode of Lost, Fringe, 24, and Numb3rs. Think we’re getting close to grabbing all the ‘low hanging fruit’ Trophies. I suspect the last 50 are going to be a grind.

    Matt’s Progress Report For 1-29-09

    Whoa… It just occurred to me that all the Trophies for Mercs 2 are named after 80’s hair band/metal songs.

    2:52pm – Magic Ball: NI!
    6:07pm – Ahhh… Bejeweled 2… How I’ve missed you. Detonator.
    6:16pm – Bejeweled 2: Classic Rock
    6:20pm – Bejeweled 2: Diamonds Are Forever
    6:30pm – Bejeweled 2: Six Shooter
    6:39pm – Bejeweled 2: 100k Club
    7:09pm – Bejeweled 2: Casual Carat
    8:29pm – Bejeweled 2: Jewel Keeper and Powermad
    10:23pm – Don’t know why, but this was more difficult than I thought it should be. Bejeweled 2: Action Hero
    11:25pm – Bejeweled 2: Puzzlemaster.

    Matt’s Progress Report For 1-30-09

    10:52am – Bejeweled 2: Hypercube Hoarder. Only one Trophy left in Bejeweled… don’t think it’s worth the time it would take to get it. I’ll wait until after the race, then I’ll go back to it.
    1:17pm – Bioshock: Toaster In The Tub (hey, this game is pretty fun!)
    1:21pm – Bioshock: Completed Welcome
    1:26pm – Bioshock: One Successful Hack and Hacked A Security Bot
    1:38pm – Bioshock: Hacked A Security Camera
    2:04pm – Mahjong Tales: Didn’t Buy A Clue and Why Stop With Just One? For the record, I don’t like Mahjong… I just find it boring.
    2:22pm – LBP: QuickFire Artiste
    2:46pm – LBP: Paint Splurge
    7:40pm – Mirror’s Edge: Sweet Goodbye… man I want to keep playing this game.
    8:07pm – Mirror’s Edge: Hey, It’s-a-me!
    11:11pm – LBP: Rexecutioner
    11:27pm – LBP: Paint Sharer
    11:37pm – Mahjong Tales: Speed Reader
    11:42pm – Mahjong Tales: Quick On The Draw

    Current Trophy Total at 473.

  2. Josh’s Progress current count: 449

    Report For 1-25-09

    8:22pm – The race begins!
    8:25pm – Pop in Fallout 3 the install begins
    9:48pm – From Fallout 3: Vault 101 Citizenship award
    10:09pm – From Fallout 3: The G.O.A.T. Whisperer
    10:29pm – From Fallout 3: Escape!

    Report for 1-26-09

    8:42pm start on Mortalkombat vs. DC
    8:47pm MKvsDC: fatality
    8:48pm MKvsDC: Pugelest
    8:48pm MKvsDC: free fallin’
    9:19pm MKvsDC: Heroic brutality
    9:20pm Done with Mortal Kombat vs DC, time for some Mercenaries 2
    9:25pm I try to sync my trophy list and it hates me, I waist 5 min trying to sync and the Mercenaries 2 install begins
    9:31pm Oh I get to play, sorry I nodded off there for a bit : P
    9:41pm Merc 2: Schools Out
    9:45pm Merc 2: Eat the Heat
    9:50pm Merc 2: Armageddon it
    9:52pm Merc 2: the rage
    10:10pm Merc 2: shoot to thrill
    10:16pm Merc 2: ride the dragon
    10:17pm Merc 2: hello, hurray
    10:24pm Merc 2: gone shooting
    10:25pm Trying to sync trophies again, done with Merc 2
    10:27pm Hiting Cuboid
    11:12pm Cuboid: Shield
    11:59pm I give up for the day.

    Report for 1-27-09

    2:36pm Start up Cuboid
    3:13pm Cuboid: Speed Master
    5:05pm Pop in Merc 2 see what I can do
    5:25pm Nothing in Merc 2 moving to Midnight Club
    5:31pm Midnight Club: The Basics
    5:49pm Midnight Club: Saving Los Angeles
    6:00pm Midnight Club: Wanted Man
    6:09pm Midnight Club: Turn In The Work
    6:16pm Midnight Club: Everyone’s a Critic
    6:22pm Done with that crap game moving to Cuboid
    7:48pm Cuboid: Expert Master
    7:49pm Cuboid: Crown
    8:00pm Done for the night, recorded a DMT and watched some Lie to Me with Matt and Ali.

    Report for 1-28-09

    9:49am Start up cuboid for the last trophy while I am at school
    12:38pm Cuboid: Determined (last cuboid trophy)
    1:30pm pop in Buzz Quiz
    2:30pm decide Buzz Quiz is to much of a grind for trophies moving to Merc 2
    3:00pm Merc 2: Dirty Deeds
    3:00pm Merc 2: Wild One
    3:30pm take Ali to school and play some WoW then it is time for LOST
    9:49pm start back up with Merc 2
    10:03pm Merc 2: Tattooed Millionaire
    11:33pm done for the night, I am so not going to win this 😦

    Report for 1-29-09

    4:20pm Start the day with Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom
    4:23pm Mahjong: Speed Reader
    4:46pm Mahjong: Quick On The Draw
    4:57pm Mahjong: Why Stop With Just One
    4:57pm Mahjong: Didn’t buy a clue
    6:17pm Mahjong: The Duelist
    6:41pm Mahjong: The Gunslinger
    6:53pm Mahjong: Come out and play
    6:55pm Moving on to Bejeweled 2 for a bit
    7:04pm Bejeweled 2: Detonator
    7:12pm Bejeweled 2: Classic Rock
    7:12pm Bejeweled 2: Diamonds are forever
    7:14pm Bejeweled 2: Six Shooter
    7:22pm Bejeweled 2: 100k Club
    7:57pm Bejeweled 2: Casual Carat
    8:10pm Moving from Bejeweled 2 over to Savage Moon for a bit
    8:16pm Savage Moon: Imoon Agamemnon Trophy
    8:20pm Moving on to BioShock, Spot finally got it to me and I wana play that, the install begins
    8:40pm Install one, time to play
    9:07pm BioShock: Toster in the Tub
    9:19pm BioShock: Completed Welcome
    9:21pm BioShock: One Successful Hack
    9:21pm BioShock: Hacked a Security Camera
    9:26pm BioShock: Hacked a Vending Machine
    9:35pm BioShock: Hacked a Turent
    10:00pm Done with BioShock for the night, hitting Rock Band 2 for a bit.
    11:26pm Rock Band 2: Flawless Drumming
    12:40am Done for the day, 21 for the day is a big jump close to Matt

    current count: 449

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