PS3 Trophy Tips: Cuboid


The game we just can’t seem to get enough of… and how to get all the Trophies.

No step-by-step maps for each level, you’re going to need to figure the puzzles out on your own, but we’re going to give you the lowdown on how to get the TROPHIES.

Explore the Dark Art of Cuboid Trophy Mastery inside.

We’re not going to give you a walk-through of every level… we’re lazy, and you should want to enjoy this game. Provided you solve all the puzzles, you’ll get all the Trophies except the ones listed below.

And here’s how you get THOSE unlocked.

Bronze Trophies

Bronze Master
Collect 20 bronze medals in Expert or 30 in Beginner mode

See ‘Speed Master’.

Silver Master
Collect 15 silver medals in Expert or 20 in Beginner mode

See ‘Speed Master’.

Gold Master
Collect 10 gold medals in Expert or 15 in Beginner mode

See ‘Speed Master’.

Speed Master
Complete 20 levels with lightning speed

Due to a bug in the game, it’s virtually impossible to get this Trophy without using a work-around. As you finish each level, you’ll notice the clock keeps running, adding 3-4 seconds. It’s a bug. To unlock this Trophy (easily), while you’re playing each level write down the moves you made that were correct. In your notes use a shorthand you can read QUICKLY… something like U U R D L U U for Up, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Up. Once you’ve done that, there’s only two things to do: replay the level using your notes, and most importantly AS YOU ENTER THE LAST MOVE TO PLACE YOUR CUBOID IN THE FINAL POSITION, HIT THE ‘PS’ BUTTON. This will finish the level (the animation will continue) but will STOP THE CLOCK. This saves you the additional 3-4 seconds that the clock normally continues to run. Using this technique, you’ll be able to get ‘Lighting’ speed on all but 2 or 3 of the Basic level maps, and you can use it to grab a few in Expert mode… Trophy Unlocked. You may have to finish a few extra levels to get them, but if you haven’t already unlocked the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Master Trophies, this will get you VERY close, and you can use the same technique to get the last few.

Abyss (hidden)
50 falls

This one should be a no-brainer, but in case you didn’t figure it out: start a level and keep rolling your Cuboid off the edge. When your Cuboid is placed back on the playing field, rinse and repeat. Seriously… it doesn’t take long.

Determined (hidden)
Spent 8 hours playing Cuboid

Cheap and easy: just before going to bed, make sure you don’t have Power Save on for your controllers (it’s in your Options menu for the PS3, NOT the game), launch Cuboid and start a map… don’t finish it. Plug your controller into your PS3 using a USB cable (so it doesn’t run out of power) and… go to bed. Provided you’ve been playing at all, and that you get roughly eight hours of sleep, you’ll wake up with the Trophy. Whoring at it’s most basic.

Silver Trophies

Complete 15 levels in a row without falling

This Trophy isn’t terribly hard. You should attempt this Trophy when you’re not working on anything else in the game (like trying to get a Lighting speed rating). Take it slow, double check each move before you make it, and just play the game.



  1. I wish this would hurry up and come to the UK PSN Store!!

  2. Gah! I can’t get past expert level 24, Bifariam!!

  3. To further help you cheat, if you are have a VERY hard time with a level most of the fastest ways are posted here
    but know that you are only cheating yourself 😉

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