PS3 Trophy List: Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom

Not sure how this one slipped under my radar, but sometime this month a mahjong game was added to the PSN. I can’t wait to get this and go junkie out while the boys continue their trophy race. But in the meantime, how about a trophy list. You do want a trophy list, don’t you? Then read on!



Can’t Get Enough

Complete 25 different Layouts in ‘Infinity’ Mode

Come Out and Play

Didn’t Buy a Clue

Complete an entire Tale without using the Hint Button

Dragon Slayer

Complete all Levels in ‘Motion’ Mode

I Don’t Need No Stinking Power-Ups

Complete ‘Motion’ Mode without using ‘Bomb’, ‘Cannon’, ‘Ice’ and ‘Wild number’ Power-Ups

Quick on the Draw

Make 5 Quick Matches in-a-row


Complete all Tales in ‘Ancient Tales’ Mode


Score 2500 remaining tiles points in one ‘Ancient Tales’ level

Speed Reader

Complete an ‘Ancient Tales’ Layout in less than 2 minutes

The Duelist

Win 5 Network games in-a-row

The Gunslinger

Win 25 Network games

Why Stop With Just One?

Complete a single Tale in ‘Ancient Tales’ Mode


Infinity and Beyond

Complete 100 different Layouts in ‘Infinity’ Mode


Match 2000 sets of Tiles

Who’s The Master?

Receive ‘Sage’, ‘Dragon Slayer’ and ‘Can’t Get Enough’

Who Needs Sleep?

Complete ‘Motion’ Mode without losing a single Life




Complete all Layouts of Animal Pack

Mason Apprentice

Create 5 Layouts using Layout Editor. Each Layout should have at least 70 tiles in it

Mason Master

Create 10 Layouts using Layout Editor. Each Layout should have at least 100 tiles in it

Got Layout?!

Play through 10 Network games on custom Layouts


Be The Best, Mahjong The Rest

Earn ‘Who Is The Master’ and ‘Beastmaster’ trophies



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