Forget Gamestop… Killzone 2 Demo For Everyone On Thursday!

Preorder Killzone 2 at Gamestop so you could get an early look?

Enjoy your two days of exclusivity. I’m sure you feel special.

Announced via the ‘semi-official’ Playstation blog ThreeSpeech, Sony and Guerrilla have decided to bump up the demo release by a few weeks.

Excellent! Seeing how a demo is supposed to entice people to BUY YOUR GAME, it’s probably a good idea to get people exposed to it… like… right now!

Lots of good downloadable stuff on it’s way this week… wonder how I’m doing with my bandwidth cap on Comcast?


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  1. Great news! First I heard that this only applied to European gamers but this makes me very happy now! Although I really don’t want to download it. I kind of miss the PS2 days when you didn’t have demos. That way you could enjoy the game from the get go like usual. But, yeah, like that’s going to happen with K2. There’s going to be no way of stopping me from dling that beast of a demo!! =)

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