First Look: Resident Evil 5

res5collThe Resident Evil 5 Demo hit the PSN yesterday so I grabbed it to check it out. If you want to know what I think then hit the other side.

First thing I need to point out is that I could not STAND Resident Evil games until RE4. The controls, and camera, I just hated. When Resident Evil 4 hit a friend said I just have to try it so I did, and that day I bought a GameCube just so I could play.

While the Demo was downloading all I could think was “I hope they didn’t go back to the original style.” Lets just say I was VERY happy when I started play.  Gameplay is just like RE4; controls and camera usage are great.

The major thing I noticed is I having a partner with me, giving me ammo, healing me, and even shooting bad guys.  Another thing is that you can play two player Co-op in the game, send out the invite and the other player takes control of your partner.

Graphically I think this game is just AMAZING looking, and will continue to amaze me until Killzone 2 is released. A change from the original games, you are fighting in Africa and in daylight. It was kind of odd not searching for enemies in the dark. They are all RIGHT THERE and unless they are behind you, you can see them just fine.

This is a must-buy game. Grab the demo and if you like it, pre-order it. Do us a favor, and if you’re going to use Amazon, use the links below. We gotta pay the bills somehow.

There are Standard and Collector’s Editions for both the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3, as well as a strategy guide for the game.

Pre-Order Resident Evil 5 [Standard Edition]

Pre-Order Resident Evil 5 [Collector’s Edition]

Pre-Order Resident Evil 5: The Complete Official Guide [Standard Edition]

Pre-Order Resident Evil 5 Limited Edition Collector’s Guide: The Complete Official Guide [Collectors Edition]

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  1. So much more fun with a live partner though. Nice gaming Josh.

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