First Look: Killzone 2

killzoneRegardless of the demo snafu involving Gamestop, we managed to get a look at the demo.

Our impressions are inside.

The first thing I thought when I started the demo was… is there something wrong with my TV?

I said this because the menu system does this weird out-of-focus thing that makes text look like the red, blue, and green of your TV are out of alignment. Not sure why they decided to do that, but whatever; it doesn’t effect the gameplay.

Also freaked me out a little when the level was loading because the screen kept wobbling and shifting on me. It took me a moment to figure out that it was tilting based on my controller position. Sixaxis at work. Again, not sure why this was done, but okay… no biggie.

After the loading screen, it was on.

The action was intense, tight, and unrelenting.

If you’re worried about foul language (I’m not… just listen to our B!tch Sl@p podcast) your hair is going to curl; the opening cinematic is short, but loaded with profanity.

Once you’re in control of your character, the visuals really do not differ much from the pre-rendered cutscenes… nice. Enough has been made of the graphics though, I’m not going to dwell on them. Suffice it to say, they are unparalleled. Simply amazing.

I was a little let down by a few things, though.

Running is very… well… not very much like running. It feels like your player is moving through mud. Maybe it’s from too much Unreal Tournament, but I like to sprint from cover point to cover point, and I never really felt like I could haul ass.

Another thing that bothered me was melee attacks with the butt of your rifle. It seemed nearly impossible to connect a swipe with an enemy. Switching to a knife remedied the situation, and slashing an enemy was much easier, and very satisfying.

The weapons were very forgiving, giving you a lot of leeway in what was considered an ‘acurate enough’ shot, which is a good thing because the game is frenetic, and shooting while running would be nearly impossible without some fudging.

I initially approached Killzone 2 as a ‘balls to the wall’ shooter, and found that I was getting mowed down frequently. Once I calmed down and started using cover strategically, the beauty of the game became apparent.

It’s all in the AI and level design.

Although the demo is short, if the full game continues along the same path, just delivering more… this is going to be something special.

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  1. Controls I have to get used to… not really liking the ‘click’ to zoom into scope and ‘click’ again to zoom out. I think it should be hold to zoom, then letgo to zoom back out (like CoD), but whatever. Game is so awesome tho!

    • Not sure about the demo, but I know that in the final game you can change that in the Options.

      You can map the zoom to entirely different controls, or you can set it so it only zooms WHILE you are holding the click in. Once you let go, it will go back to the regular view.

      Just thought I’d clarify.

  2. lol, right after I commented I realized that you can adjust that option in the demo, like you said for the final version.

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