Blu-Ray/DVD Review – Deadspace: Downfall

downfall_cover1Lee gave you a review for the game. Josh told you about the graphic novel. So what about the movie that was released on Blu-Ray and DVD? Flip over to the other side to find out more.

Deadspace: Downfall is the second of a three part story. Taking place right before the story in the game, the movie tells the story of what happens on the USG Ishimura after the planet-side incidents of the mining colony. The story follows Alissa Vincent, Chief Security Officer on the Ishimura, as she does whatever necessary to survive and help those she can.  Just like the game, a lot of work was put into the lighting and audio to create the perfect mood of horror. The movie also features excellent artwork and some really cool fight scenes. The story line of the movie fits in perfectly with the game and comics and adds to the overall survival story of the people involved with the USG Ishimura.

dscritter1Special features on the DVD and the Blu-Ray include a deleted scene, a couple of trailers, and Easter Egg cheat codes for the game. Exclusive to the Blu-Ray are the original soundtrack and photo galleries. While the visuals are much better on Blu-Ray, this movie is great no matter how you watch it. So is it worth a buy? If you’re a fan of the game and/or the comics, go buy it. It’s worth the money to complete the story. If you didn’t like either, but you’re a fan of survival horror flicks, rent it and see if you like it.  Otherwise, this might be a movie for you to skip.

Buy Dead Space: Downfall on Blu-ray
Buy Dead Space: Downfall on DVD
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