Burn, Zombie, Burn! Trophy List

burn_zombie_burnA zombie game? On the PS3? Count me in! Expected to hit the PSN early this year, Burn, Zombie, Burn! is another dual-analog shooter game featuring massive amounts of zombie-slaying action. And to top off the fun? There’s trophies! Keep reading to find out what those trophies are.


100,000 Zombies killed.

Paint The Town Red
Fill the screen with the maximum amount of blood on any level.

Red Shirt
Kill the away team Zombie.

Hot To Trot   
Last 30 seconds with 50+ zombies on fire.

Murder On The Dance Floor   
1000 Zombies sent dancing.

Brain Surgery   
100 Brains sucked.

Texas Style   
100 Chainsaw Combos.

1000 Zombies blown up.

Complete Zombie Academy.

All Arcade levels unlocked.

d6 Commends You   
All Bronze medals.

d6 Respects You
All Silver medals.

d6 Admires You   
All Gold medals.


Friend of Bruce   
All levels unlocked.


Friend of d6
All Developer medals.


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