Game Review: BioShock (PS3)

bioshock1Yes, it was out on the Xbox 360 a long time ago, but the PS3 got it recently, so we are tossing out a review now.

Check the other side for what I think about the game.

You are on a plane, in a storm, and something goes wrong. You find your self outside the wreckage in the middle of the ocean and the only thing you can see is a light house. What do you do? Well you head to the light house and your journey into Rapture has begun.

Rapture is a massive underwater city designed to free people from the relative constraints of society, religion, and other restrictive organized bodies, so they can fulfill their potential. This vision was created by a man known as Andrew Ryan, a man whose motives were pure, but whose implementation ultimately failed horrifically.

For the most part, BioShock on the PS3 is exactly the same as the PC and 360 versions of the game.

The PS3 version of BioShock receives an exclusive mode known as Survivor, whose subtitle, “Every Bullet Counts,” is an indication of how the game is structured, and it’s not simply a battle limitation, either. Unlike the other three difficulty modes, Survivor radically confines the bullets and items that you receive over the course of the entire adventure, and while you can switch to another mode if it’s too hard, it’s designed to be challenging. If you pick up a gun, you may find only one round left in it. Plus, health items and EVE hypos don’t restore as much of your meters as they would on a lower difficulty level, which forces you to ration your supplies to ensure that you can make it through battles.

This is especially true because your cash flow is just as restricted. When you pick up money from a fallen splicer or a cracked safe, you may only get two or three dollars instead of twenty or thirty. That means that having accuracy with every single shot is important, because you won’t always be able to find extra rounds or have the money to purchase bullets at vending machines, especially if you need first aid kits to heal yourself. What’s more, the splicers and other enemies that you’ll face off against are tougher and much smarter than ever before. Each one will take multiple shots from a wrench or a gun without going down, and they’ll frequently seek out cover and fire behind it or hover near a first aid station to immediately heal themselves when they’re in danger. Big Daddies, for instance, are truly brutal and shrug off loads of damage before they die.

On top of Survivor mode and full trophy support, a few adjustments have been made to some of the basic gameplay mechanics. For one thing, the hacking mini-game, which you’ll use to convert cameras, security bots and turrets over to your side to use against your enemies, is much easier to perform on the PS3. The 360’s directional pad is too imprecise to move between the circuits easily, but thanks to the DualShock’s D-pad, you can fly through each box and complete your hacks quickly. What’s more, the newly downloadable plasmids that were released a few months after the original game are included within all four difficulty levels of the game, and are easily found.

In short, BUY IT, right now. Why haven’t you clicked and ordered it yet?
BioShock (PS3)
BioShock (360)
BioShock (PC)


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