Should I Look Inside?


We got our ION Rock Band 2 Drum Kit today… we’ll have a review up in the next day or so, probably some video too.

Strange thing… while we were assembling the unit, we came across a sealed box labeled Empty Box “A”.

I’m afraid to open it. I fear it may void my warranty. The very fact that it is labeled with an “A” implies that there must be (at the very least) an Empty Box “B”.

We couldn’t find one… Am I missing something from my shipment? Maybe Empty Box “B” is inside Empty Box “A”.

We’ll probably never know.



  1. Matt, didn’t you know?!? That’s where they stashed the cocaine!!!

    Sealed Box B, that is… 😉

    • Ah… crap! I was going to use that box to pad my collection of flour filled balloons when I came back from Mexico!

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