Notable DVD and Blu-ray Releases For 2-17-09


In this week’s installment of snarky comments about home video releases, it’s more snark and less purchasing for me.

Just not a lot to interest a middle-aged cynic. Looks like I get to save some money this time around.

Maybe you’ll find something you like.

High School Musical 3

‘Oh man… I can’t wait! I’m going to wait outside Walmart in the cold so I can get it at EXACTLY midnight!’ That’s what I’d say if I were a pre-teen with limited social skills. What I’d REALLY say about this is ‘At least we’ll have plenty of copies to burn so we can stay warm during the coming ice age.’


High School Musical 3: Senior Year [Blu-ray]

High School Musical 3: Senior Year (Extended Edition) [DVD]

High School Musical 3: Senior Year [DVD]

Passion of the Christ (New To Blu-ray)

Mel Gibson’s controversial epic. If only it came with extra footage of his drunk driving arrest and resulting career suicide. Mel and Tom Cruise should make a buddy picture together. They could call it ‘Religious Nutbars’.


The Passion of the Christ [Blu-ray]

The Passion of the Christ [DVD]


Here I thought we were getting the amazing George C. Scott ghost story… but no… we get to look at Angelina Jolie looking all weepy. Is it me, or is she just not aging well?


Changeling [Blu-ray]

Changeling [DVD]

Murder, She Wrote – Complete Ninth Season

Is it me, or did Angela Lansbury age really well? All I need to make the night complete is a warm glass of Metamucil, a fuzzy blanket, and my knitting. Then we’ll see where it leads… What can I say? I dig red-heads.


Murder, She Wrote: The Complete Ninth Season

Feast III: The Happy Finish

I loved the first film, I own the second (but haven’t got around to watching it yet), but this… didn’t they release the last one just a couple of months ago? Alarm bells are ringing… quick release… straight to DVD… I’m a little concerned.


Feast III: The Happy Finish


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