Burnout Paradise Legendary Cars


The next update for Burnout Paradise is coming SOON. How soon you ask? Well check the other side the info.

We’re proud to reveal that the next available Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 download pack for Burnout Paradise is – Legendary Cars!

The collection will be released on Thursday 19th February 2009.
(We’ll be back with PC release information soon, but expect the Legendary Cars to be available to you guys in about a month)
You can view the cars in the Junkyard before heading to the in-game Burnout Store to pick them up. All 4 cars can be bought individually or at a discount if you go for the whole collection.
We know you all love looking the them, so here they are again!
The amazing Jansen 88 Special
Jansen 88 Special
$3.99 / 320 MS
Hunter Manhattan Spirit
Hunter Manhattan Spirit
$1.99 / 160 MS
Hunter Cavalry Bootlegger
Hunter Cavalry Bootlegger
$1.99 / 160 MS
Carson GT Nighthawk
Carson GT Nighthawk
$1.99 / 160 MS
All four cars are also available as The Legendary Cars Collection for just $7.99 / 600 MS

These will be available when your local Store and Marketplace updates occur sometime on Thursday. If you want up-to-the-minute info keep checking http://www.criteriongames.com, the ingame Criterion Games Network or our Twitter – criterion_games

If you don’t have this game yet you NEED it, click below to have it sent right to you.

Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box (PS3, 360, PC)


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