Product Review: ION Rocker Premium Drum Set (PS3, XBox 360)

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  1. […] [UPDATE: Since writing this story, we’ve managed to get our hands on an ION Rocker Premium Drum Set. If you’re comparing drum sets, you’ll want to read the review. You can find it HERE.] […]

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  3. Great Read i really want to get a drum midi for mine please could you tell me what i should buy
    Many thanks
    I only got my 360 rocker a month ago and im loveing it. So much better than any other kits for consoles so far.

  4. […] Support for third-party music controllers (especially the superb ION drum kit) has been lacking. If you weren’t using ‘official’ GH gear, there were a few […]

  5. ion drum disconnects? ive got the CURE!!!!!

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