American McGee's Alice Gets A Sequel


File this under ‘What the Hell took so long?’

At the DICE summit, Electronic Arts has announced a sequel to American McGee’s creepy take on Alice In Wonderland. Emo kids, Goth kids, Tim Burton fans, and people with a disturbed sense of entertainment must be dancing in the streets right about now.

I enjoyed the original, let’s hope they can do it justice.

American McGee’s Alice 2 will be coming to PC, PS3, and XBox 360 and will be published by EA.

Precious little else is known at this time.



  1. You know me… Huge fan of this game… Im excited and none of the above mentioned stereo types 😉

  2. yeah, none of the above mentioned stereotypes here either, hahahaaa still loved that game though. looking forward to this game,, lil bit excited actually.

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