Noby Noby Boy Review (PSN)

noby-g1 A lot of buzz has been going around about the new game from the creator of Katamari Damacy. And yet most people can’t seem to find the words to describe Noby Noby Boy. Flip over to the other side to read my attempt at finding the words to review this game.

noby1When you first start the game, a little fairy comes to help you get started. You learn the controls by taking the boy quiz. After passing the simple test, the fairy goes on to tell you about the game. “Noby Noby Boy is all about stretching a character called BOY.” You don’t get any missions. There are no enemies. You don’t collect objects (although you can eat them). You just stretch and shrink, eat objects, and meander around various maps. The only thing close to a goal is making GIRL grow by reporting BOY’s lengths to the Sun.


There are truly very few words to describe this game: bizarre, weird, unusual, strangely interesting. So was it worth the $4.99 price? If you want a game that you can just randomly play around with and do nothing in particular, sure. If you want a game with some substance or you don’t like the incredibly bizarre games, this will be one you want to avoid.

Check out the trophy list for Noby Noby Boy
Trophy tips coming soon


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