PS3 Trophy List: Guitar Hero Metallica

ghmetallicaWhoa… there’s a LOT of Trophies in this game. Many appear to be easy, a few may be close to impossible.

Here’s your sneak peek at the full list.

* Denotes a hidden Trophy.

Bronze Trophies 

The More I See
Complete the Tutorials

James Hetfield
Complete the career as the vocalist 

Lars Ulrich
Complete the career as the drummer

Kirk Hammett
Complete the career as the guitarist

Robert Trujillo
Complete the career as the bassist 

Complete a song with any instrument on Hard or Expert in local Quickplay or Career 

*Damage Inc.
Perform as the drummer

Perform as the vocalist

*Invisible Kid
Perform as the bassist

*Some Kind of Monster
Perform as the guitarist

Ride the Lightning
All band members trigger star power simultaneously (4 player band)

2 X 4
Earn a band Hot Streak (4 player band)

*Master of Puppets
Earn the highest individual score on a song in a band (4 player band)

The Struggle Within
Complete a song in a band in Quickplay or Career (4 players)

The Four Horsemen
Complete a song with all band members on expert in Quickplay or Career (4 player band)

Win an online battle match with the Fade to Black power up

Better Than You
Win an online Pro Face-Off match

Win an online Band v Band match (8 players)

Seek & Destroy
Play 20 online matches

The Unforgiven
Win an online Face-Off match

*The Unforgiven II
Win an online Face-Off match by 25,000 points or more

*The Unforgiven III
Win an online Pro Face-Off match by 25,000 points or more

Download a song from GHTunes

Recover from a poor performance in Quickplay or Career

*Disposable Heroes
Create a new custom rocker

Create a new custom tattoo

*Eye of the Beholder
Create a new custom band logo

Create a new custom instrument (guitar, drums, mic)

Hero of the Day
Complete a song on Expert + in Quickplay or Career (drums only)

*The House Jack Built
Complete a song in every In-the-Round venue

Wherever I May Roam
Complete a song in every venue

*Trapped Under Ice
Complete a song at the Ice Cave venue

*Stone Dead Forever
Complete a song at The Stone venue

*King Diamond
Rock out as King Diamond

Rock out as Lemmy

The Memory Remains
View a Metallifacts video

Hit every star phrase in the song Orion

Silver Trophies

Complete any instrument career on Expert (Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Drums or Band)

…And Justice for All
Earn 100 stars in Band Career or any single instrument Career

The Ecstacy of Gold
Earn $15,000

Metal Militia
100% a song (4 player band)

Nothing Else Matters
Complete the career in a band (2-4 player band)

*Green Hell
Drum every green note and finish the song Blood and Thunder with the rock meter in green

*Creeping Death
Score 575,000 on the song Creeping Death as the guitarist

*Dyer’s Eve
Score 450,000 on the song Dyer’s Eve as the drummer

*Fight Fire with Fire
Score 340,000 on the song Fight Fire with Fire as the bassist

*Stone Cold Crazy
Score 65,000 on the song Stone Cold Crazy as the vocalist

*Enter Sandman
Score 330,000 on the song Enter Sandman on guitar

Score 1,000,000 on the song Battery as a band (4 players)

Gold Trophy

Holier Than Thou
Complete all instrument careers

Platinum Trophy

Platinum Artist
Earn all of the Bronze, Silver and Gold Trophies in Guitar Hero Metallica


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