Notable DVD And Blu-ray Releases For 2-24-09

There’s a lot coming out this week… but precious few are notable.

So few, in fact, I couldn’t even decide on an appropriate graphic for the article. Or maybe I was just being lazy.

Either way.

Get the list after the break.

Akira (New To Blu-ray)

File this under ‘It’s About Friggin’ Time!’ The highly influential anime title is FINALLY making an appearance on Blu-ray.

The French Connection (New To Blu-ray)

The Return of It’s About Friggin’ Time! With the possible exception of ‘The Exorcist’, this is William Friedkin’s finest moment. Worth it for the car chase alone. The sequel is also being release to Blu-ray on the same day, but… well… just buy this one.

Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder (Blu-ray)(DVD)

The end of an era… This is supposedly the last installment of new Futurama material, tidying up some loose ends. I just may get all teary-eyed.

Pirates 2: Stagnetti’s Revenge (Blu-ray)(DVD)

A little history: the original was released on HD-DVD, and holds the distinction of being the first mass release of a porn film on a High Definition format (no, I’ve never seen it). It sold GAZILLIONS. How do you follow that up when HD-DVD is deader than Tracy Lords adult film career? You release it on Blu-Ray… and DVD… and you make a Rated R version so you can sell it with retailers. Seriously, was anybody that impressed with the first film (other than the novelty of HD porn)? I’m sure the writing was so good, the acting so amazing, and the need to follow the characters was SO STRONG that this film had to be made… and released at Walmart. I think the producers missed the point. HEY NUMBSKULLS! PEOPLE WERE PAYING FOR HD HARDCORE, NOT YOUR LOW-BUDGET PIRATE MASTERPIECE! Porn… you’re doing it wrong.

Sex Drive (Blu-ray)(DVD)

With all the success Seth Rogan is having (deservedly), the inevitable flood of teen comedy films from less talented people trying to cash in should be assaulting us… right… about… now.

Vanishing Point (New To Blu-ray)

Some things never get old… like the greatest car chase film ever made. Although, after Death Proof, I could get used to seeing Zoe Bell strapped across the hood. But that’s just me.


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  1. HOLY SH*T Vanishing Point on Blu-Ray!!??!??!? My dad showed me this film YEARS ago, it is his favorite movie, and I still love it. His copy was recently destroyed in a fire,, so gonna have to get two copies of this for the both of us. thanks for the info.

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