Sony Drops Bombs: The PSP Gets New Titles, New Bundles


Tons of news just dropped concerning the PSP, and I’m… huh?… They’re releasing a Hannah Montana branded portable? I feel dirty.

From a press release by SCEA, here’s the details:

SCEA will launch this new bundle in July. The pack includes the introduction of the “Lilac” PSP system, Disney Interactive’s Hannah Montana PSP game (an exclusive dancing and rhythm action game for gamers to design the show and go on tour as the teen icon), a selection episodes from the Hannah Montana TV series on UMD, a 2GB Memory Stick PRO Duo, and stickers to customize the PSP.

Ok, so that’s a little weird, but it looks like Assassin’s Creed is coming to PSP, and a bundle too.

Also announced for PSP: Petz. The infestation of cute animal games with ‘z’ at the end of everything? Damn… I mean, ‘whee… tigers and bunnies’.

MTV Games and Harmonix are also bringing Rock Band to Sony’s portable with ‘Rock Band Unplugged’. The game promises to have wifi multiplayer and an in-game store, allowing for additional songs to be purchased and downloaded without a PC or PS3.

Just as long as there’s no Hannah Montana in it, and it’s not Rock Bandz, we should be cool.

Perhaps the biggest news for PSP had been rumored, and it’s now confirmed: Motorstorm and LittleBigPlanet are coming to PSP this year. These titles will be created from the ‘ground up’ for PSP hardware and control schemes.

Let’s hope it works.


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