Game Review: Peggle – Dual Shot (DS)


Popcap games are notorious for peddling digital crack.

Question is, will Peggle DS prove to be addictive as their previous games, or just annoying?

Full review after the break.

While I wouldn’t classify myself as a ‘casual’ gamer, I have been known to indulge, and maybe obsess over lighter games.

What can I say? My Bejeweled habit is legendary.

This makes it even more astonishing that I’ve never played a Peggle game. Just never got around to it.

Just in case you’re in the same boat, allow me to describe this game.

You control a pointer at the top of the screen, rotating it and aiming using the stylus. This controls the trajectory of a ball that gets fired from the pointer. The playing field below you filled with pegs (or blocks in later levels) of various colors. Blue pegs are obstacles, Orange pegs are your targets (you need to eliminate them), Purple or Gold pegs are bonuses, and Green pegs net you a power-up. Power-ups vary depending on which ‘Master’ controls the level you’re playing. For example, if the Dragon controls a level, the Green pegs will let you shoot a fireball that burns through everything in it’s path, rather than bouncing randomly.

At the bottom of the screen is ‘basket’ that roves back and forth. This can sometimes act as a paddle, bouncing your ball back into the playing field, or if you hit it in the center, it will give you a free ball.

Each level charges you to clear the Orange pegs before you run out of shots (you start with 10). Getting a lot of points with a single shot can earn you extra shots.

If you hit the Purple bonus peg enough times, it will change to a Gold peg. Hitting a Gold peg sends you into a pinball mini-game where you can earn even MORE extra shots.

Levels start out easy, building in complexity steadily. Each level ends when all Orange pegs are cleared, or when you run out of shots. The final levels of Adventure mode require more than a little luck to complete, and always require more shots than 10, meaning grabbing power-ups and extra shots is a requirement.

While the game will draw you in, keeping you hooked, there isn’t much strategy or skill involved. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun, and I know I’m going to continue playing it in my spare time, but if you’re looking for something ‘skill based’… this isn’t your game. It is a great game for short bursts of play, like waiting for meeting to start, or on a coffee break.

If you’ve played Peggle before, you’ll be happy to know the DS version includes all the content of the original game, plus everything from the sequel ‘Peggle Nights’. Must be why it’s called ‘Dual Shot’… either that, or they’re just being clever to work in the ‘DS’ naming convention.

Essentially you’re getting two games, the standard Adventure mode, a Quick Play mode, Multiplayer, Game Share, and a Challenge mode… and the game is pretty inexpensive.

If you’re looking for a game to fill in those down times when you have a few minutes, or maybe you’re looking for a new casual addiction, Peggle DS certainly fits the bill.

Matt says BUY IT.

Buy Peggle Dual Shot


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