PS3 Trophy List: Tom Clancy's Endwar


As we try to fill out our Trophy Hub, we want to make sure we get lists for EVERY Trophy enabled game available.

Here’s an older one.

Tom Clancy’s EndWar

Tom Clancy’s EndWar Headset Bundle

*Denotes Hidden Trophy

Bronze Trophies

Communication Officer
Complete the Voice Command Trainer

First Command
Win the Warning Signs mission

Combat Chain Master
Defeat Tanks with Gunships, Gunships with Transports and Transports with Tanks

Win one match in each game mode (Conquest, Assault, Siege, Raid)

Road to War
Complete “Prelude to War” on any difficulty

World in Flames
Complete “Prelude to War” on Hardcore

Weapon Master
Use Secondary Attack for the first time

Hardened by War
Win 15 missions in the Solo Campaign

No Stone Unturned
Win 5 missions without using Mission Support in “World War III”

Call of Booty
Win a mission by deploying infantry units only

Lightning War
Finish “World War III” in less than 15 turns

Capture an enemy Capital in only 3 turns in “World War III”

Tour of Duty
Finish “World War III” on Normal

True Patriot
Finish “World War III” on Expert

Training Simulator
Play 20 Single Player Skirmish matches

Together We Stand
Win 10 2 vs. 2 multiplayer Skirmish matches

Always Attack
Win 3 missions in a row in Theatre of War

Role of Honor
Win 30 missions without killing a unit in Theatre of War

Urban Operations
Play 30 missions in Theatre of War city maps

Breach and Clear
Disarm 10 minefields in Theatre of War

Have one unit fight and survive for 10 missions in Theatre of War

Deploy 20 minefields which successfully damage enemies in Theatre of War

Mass Murderer
Kill 500 units in Theatre of War

Win 5 missions in a row on the same territory in Theatre of War

Win a Conquest by securing all Uplinks on a map in Theatre of War

Point of Attack
Win 40 missions as Attacker in Theatre of War

Dog of War
Win a Theatre of War Phase as each Faction; you must have played as that Faction in 10 missions

War is Heck
Win 5 missions in a row without losing health in Theatre of War

Destroy 100 Critical Buildings in Theatre of War

Command from the Front
Kill 10 units with the Command Vehicle’s sentry units

Turning Point
Win a match after the enemy has triggered DEFCON in Conquest

Field Intelligence
Upgrade 100 Uplinks in any game mode

Kill 15 enemy Command Vehicles

Total Warrior
Win 30 missions in any game mode

Command & Control
No Uplinks recaptured by hostiles for 10 consecutive Conquest victories

Retake a Critical Uplink within the 3-minute timer in a Siege match

Kill an enemy troop without being spotted

Defeat 6 hostile units with a single unit

Do or Die
Win a Conquest mission by Annihilation after the DEFEAT counter was under 30 seconds

Angel of Death
Kill 10 enemy Evacuation Helicopters

Kill 30 enemy regular units

Shake that thing
Shake to SitRep 88 times

Team Spirit
Browse your teams either right or left 88 times.

Silver Trophies

Win Finishing Move without any units being defeated

Ready for Theatre of War
Finish “World War III” on Hardcore

Fast and Furious
Win a mission within 5 minutes in Theatre of War

Total War
Play 100 2 vs. 2 Theatre of War missions

Win a Skirmish mission and lose no health

Army of One
Win 20 1 vs. 1 matches in Theatre of War

Achieve a 100% Command Rating in one mission in Theatre of War

Gold Trophies

Finish “World War III” with all 3 Factions on Hardcore

*Air Defense
Secret: Intercept 5 incoming Air Strikes with Electronic Warfare

Platinum Trophy

The War to End all Wars
Armchair Napoleon


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  1. Impressive blog. My colleagues and I were just talking about this the other evening. Also your blog looks nice on my old laptop. Now thats uncommon. Nice work.

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