Blu-Ray Review: Office Space

office_spaceUm… Yeah. Did you see the memo? Office Space is now on blu-ray! Wanna know if it’s worth the extra cash? Flip over to the other side to find out.

In case you haven’t seen the movie, Office Space is a great comedy about life in the corporate world. Frustrated beyond belief with his job, Peter Gibbons adopts a new additude of just not caring. The show has great characters, great lines, and will keep you laughing the whole way through. And it looks great on blu-ray!

The special features on this disc include deleted scenes, the original theatrical trailer, games to play while watching the movie, a Post-It Pandemonium trivia track, an Office Space retrospective with Mike Judge (the guy behind the film), and Jump to Conclusions 2.0. Yeah. The special features aren’t that great, but the trivia track and retrospective are pretty interesting.

So is it worth the price of the blu-ray? Absolutely! The movie itself (special features aside) is worth a buy. Why not get the best quality? It’s not that much more for HD beauty.

Office Space [Blu-ray]
Office Space – Special Edition with Flair (DVD)


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  1. Um…I believe you have my stapler.

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