Game Review: Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard (PS3,360)


You know Matt Hazard, right?  You might have seen him in games such as “Matt Hazard 3D” or “You only live 1,317 times”… Still don’t remember? Don’t feel bad, neither do I.  What I do know is that there has been an over abundance of really good but serious games release recently. Does Eat Lead:  The Return of Matt Hazard stand out enough to warrant your hard earned cash? Let’s take a look .

Matt Hazard (not to be confused with Matt Bastard) is probably the greatest video game hero that never existed, well until now.  The story in a nutshell is that Matt Hazard had a stellar career as the hero of many hit video games and along the way he made some wrong choices and his career all but faded. This was until a new CEO took over the company that had rights to him and brought him back to star in their first next gen game.  The story takes a turn as you begin to “Play” this new game but that is as far as we will go into the story.


I was a bit leary picking this title up as there hasn’t been much gameplay footage released and none to be found on the official site of the game either. Not only was there no videos on the site, the back of the actual game didn’t even have screenshots. I took a gamble and picked it up anyway, what took me by surprise was the fact that I actually found myself doing something I hadn’t done in a long while… Smile and laugh.  It seemed to be exactly what I needed, fun. Don’t get me wrong I have fun playing games but not like this.

The game basically is a third-person shooter that relies heavily on using cover. Plenty of  people of weapons, from the standard pistol or shotgun to the odd and amusing super soaker. Yes, you read that right, a super soaker. A lot of variety in baddies to fight as well as some varied game play elements like timed sequences.  Cover can be destroyed and there are plenty of other items to blow up.  The controls work good though there were a time or two I struggled with a few of the mechanics but nothing that was a deal breaker. I found myself accidentally reloading a lot instead of shooting someone but the enemy A.I. isn’t the best so it wasn’t a big deal.

Graphically, the game is ok. Nothing to write home about but not ugly by any means. There are a few effects or moments that really do look nice but like I said, nothing to write home about. The saving grace of this game for me is the humor, the Duke Nukem esque one liners and potty humor. Kind of juvenile but I miss Duke and this game was a welcome break from all those serious games that I have been playing lately. The humor and atmosphere made me overlook some of the games weaknesses, like the AI or the lack of jumping while I was playing it.

 It should be noted that this game retails a little bit lower than most titles at $49.99 . With everything that  is out there currently, I think this game probably should have been priced closer to $39.99 but none the less, I didn’t feel I wasted my money on it, I had fun playing it. If your into the Duke Nukem/Army of Darkness kind of humor you may consider picking this up. If your into serious shooters or you just want a ton of quick easy trophies,  than you probably should RENT it.


Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard Trophy List

Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazzard PS3

Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazzard XBox360


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