Game Review: Trivial Pursuit

trivialpursuitbox1EA is (once again) bringing the venerable board game to virtual game spaces.

Being a trivia fiend, I had to pick it up.

Here’s my review.

I’m not going to insult your intelligence explaining what a ‘Trivia Game’ is, but I am going to give you the basic mechanics of this particular brand.

Six categories of questions, and you have to complete them all. You do this by moving your game piece around a circular board and answering questions. Get the question right, you get to move again. Get it wrong, and it’s the next player’s turn. To complete a category, you need to land your piece on a ‘wedge’ question, and answer it correctly. Get all the wedges, then move to the center and answer a final question from any one of the established categories.

This is the ‘Classic’ mode. Trivia Pursuit also includes a ‘Clear The Board’ mode (single player, the board gets smaller and categories are eliminated as you answer questions) and a ‘Friends and Facts’ mode (a streamlined version of Classic, with a shrinking board, AND bonus rounds).

Shockingly, there is no support for online play.

Graphics and sound are passable, if a little pedestrian, but the voiceover work… oh jeez… it’s annoying. The ‘announcer’ tries real hard to be both supportive AND insultingly funny. It doesn’t work. The vast majority of voice work in this game sound like someone is reading directly from a script, and it repeats often… it repeats often… it repeats often…

You get the idea.

Also, while we’re on the subject of annoying, can game developers who port board games to consoles PLEASE give us an option to turn off the animations for board movement? After the first dozen times, seeing your game piece hover like a UFO and SLOOOWLY enact your move loses it’s charm. I want to roll the dice, choose where I’m moving, and BE THERE. This is especially nasty when you’re working against the clock in Clear The Board; while you’re waiting for your game piece to DISCO DANCE to it’s new place (I’m not kidding) the clock adds about 5 seconds. If you’re trying to finish the game with a time limit… it doesn’t help.

On a lighter note, the questions are on the tougher side, so trivia buffs who need a challenge will be happy. In the hours I’ve played I’ve only seen a question repeated once, so you can also count on lots of variety.

Of special interest to Trophy/Achievement whores… you need to rent this game. Without even specifically trying to grab a single Trophy, I unlocked 26(!!!) in about 90 minutes. This game hemorrhages bling like Mr T in a bus accident.

In the end, Trivial Pursuit is good… but not great.

If you’re playing on an XBox 360 or Wii, I’d say Buy It. It’s easily your best choice for trivia on those platforms.

If you’re a PS3 owner… get the VASTLY superior (and online enabled) Buzz! Quiz TV. You’ll thank me later.


Trivial Pursuit (Wii)
Trivial Pursuit (PS3)
Trivial Pursuit (XBox360)
Trivial Pursuit (PS2)
Buzz! Quiz TV Bundle

Trivial Pursuit Trophy List

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  1. Buzz is a blast! we have a friend that has the PS2 version. Of course I kicked ASS!

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