PSP Review: Resistance Retribution

resistance_retribution_logoThe next installment of the Resistance games is out on the PSP. Does it hold up to its predecessors on the PS3? Keep reading to find out what I thought about Resistance Retribution.


Moving away from Nathan Hale, Resistance Retribution features James Grayson, a British Royal Marine that became well known for his actions in London. After his brother was infected in a conversion center, Grayson was forced to kill him. He then avenges his brother by going on a vendetta to destroy all conversion centers in London. Shortly after the Chimeran tower in London was destroyed, Grayson suffered a nervous breakdown and was imprisoned for desertion. A French group known as the Maquis need his help and get him out. Grayson joins up with the Maquis to help destroy the Chimeran tower in Paris. Other characters involved in the story include Stephen Cartwright and Rachel Parker from Resistance: Fall of Man and two new characters, Raine Bouchard and Roland Mallery.


A couple of really cool gameplay features require a PS3 and a copy of Resistance 2. To start off, hook the PSP up to the PS3 via USB cable with both games open to the main screen. In Resistance 2, go to the options menu and select Connect PSP. Here you are given 2 options: Infect Resistance Retribution and Activate Resistance Retribution Plus. The first option allows you to “infect” your PSP. This provides an alternate story within the alternate history of James Grayson. Probably the biggest difference is the fact that Grayson is infected by the same virus that infected Nathan Hale in the PS3 games. While in infected modes, Grayson wears a Specter uniform and gets to use the HE .44 Magnum. He also has regenerative health and can breathe underwater, allowing him to reach hidden areas that couldn’t be reached before. This unlocks a whole additional class of Intel to be collected. Collecting all of the infected intel will unlcok the Plasma Grenades. The infected mode ends when you quit out to the XMB on the PSP.

retribution_charactersThe second option allows you to use the PS3 controller to play. The controls are pretty much button-for-button the same, except you now have the ability to aim with the left analog stick rather than the PSP’s face buttons and to cycle through weapons both directions with the shoulder buttons rather than the one direction on the PSP. When playing the game this way, the Auto Aim assist is eliminated which makes the game more like the first two Resistance games. If you don’t have Resistance 2, you should also be able to play with the PS3 controller by connecting the PSP via AV output.


As far as multiplayer goes, the game offers 8-player matches with modes that include Team Deathmatch (Maquis vs Cloven), Capture the Flag (Maquis vs Cloven), Containment (both teams must fight to keep coolant nodes under their control), and Assimilation (One player starts out as a Cloven while the other seven are Maquis. The cloven player has to hunt down the other players and infect them, turning them into cloven. The Maquis players simply need to survive the longest).


Resistance: Retribution features many of the Chimera we had from both Resistance 1 and 2 (i.e. titans, hybrids, leapers, etc), but we are also introduced to some new critters. All the previous Chimera were male, and we finally run into the female Chimera. The first new Chimera you come across are the Boilers. These are much like the Grims from Resistance 2, except they have bigger heads that explode when you get too close to them. You’ll know when you’re too close when the Boilers scream and the screen begins to blur. If this happens, back up quick or you’ll lose a bar of health.

retribution_boilersAnother noteworthy female Chimera introduced in this game are the sirens. These are underwater Chimera that look a lot like evil mermaids. When you’re underwater with them, they produce a siren call that hits you like a blast. You can, however, see the blast coming at you so just make sure to move out of the way when they attack.


Most of the weapons in the game are brought in from the PS3 Resistance games. While some of them are new, they work much like those in Resistance 1 and 2. Some of the weapons include:

*.303 Storm Rifle – standard issue of Maquis resistance fighters, which is just like the carbine
*BM001 Razor – a British engineered assault rifle based on Chimeran technology, which is much like the bullseye
*Fareye FR-1 – scoped rifle designed for long-range combat
*L206 LAARK – Light Anti-Armor Rocket
*Schrotflinte Combat Shotgun – .12-gauge double-barrel combat shotgun
*Auger-WS – modified version of the Chimeran assault rifle
*HE .44 Magnum – fires armor-piercing rounds useful for close-quarter combat


So is the game worth a buy? If you’re a fan of the Resistance games, this is a fun addition to the overall story. If you don’t like first person shooters on the PSP, you may or may not like this game. The controls are a little hard to get used to, but the Auto Aim assist makes things a lot easier. I personally really liked the game. If you’re worried that you might not like it, check out the demo in the Playstation Store. Then go Buy It.

Alissa Crabtree is an Associate Editor for Bag Of Mad Bastards. She spends her free time playing games, hiking, and scaring people.

Buy Resistance Retribution (PSP)
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Buy Resistance 2 (PS3)
Buy Resistance 2 Collector’s Edition (PS3)


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