B.O.M.B Quick Poll – Used Game Sales

As part of an upcoming feature, we’re doing a little research… and you can help.

Realizing this is hardly a scientific sampling, do us a favor and answer a couple of questions.

Five easy questions. It will be worth it, I promise.

Questionnaire is inside.

Feel free to leave your comments and opinions about Used Games at the bottom of the page… help us get a clear picture of all points of view.

We won’t edit your opinion… even if we don’t agree. Just do us a favor and keep it civil. We WILL edit comments for trolling.



  1. Matt, I don’t know that the wording for some of these questions was fair, nor enough options given for at least one of the questions. Depending on the game, exclusive content might entice me to purchase a new game, vs a used game. I also believe that major gaming stores are raping people with the markup of their used games, however a used game avenue is needed to aid in trying to recoop some of the $$$ spent if you are tired of or simply don’t like a game. I admit, there isn’t an easy way to describe everything & still have it a “straight forward” poll…


    • Yeah… not exactly scientific, but then again, I’m not trying to get grant money for a research project. I tried a few other versions of the questions, and it just kept getting more vague. I just went back to the original questions I had.

      What I want to know is the general PERCEPTION among our readers of the used game market. It’s a small sample, it’s obviously not a random sampling, it’s targeted for our demographic. It’s all about giving me a point of reference for the readers of our site.

      No biggie.

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