PS3 Review: Sonic Unleashed

sonicThe game’s been out for a while now, but I only recently got my hands on a copy. Keep reading if you want to know what I thought of Sonic Unleashed.

The opening cinematic throws us into a story in which Dr. Eggman is trying to gain control of a power deep within the planet. This power rips the planet into pieces and transforms Sonic. After being thrown off the ship, Sonic lands on a critter with amnesia and an insatiable appetite. Since we have no name for this hungry little guy, Sonic decides to call him Chip. While trying to help Chip regain his memory, they come across Tails, who suggests they go see Professor Pickle. When they finally catch up with him, the professor informs them that the power is known as Dark Gaia, and the only way to stop it is to restore the Chaos Crystals. So Sonic and Chip set out, with the occasional help from Tails, to save the planet.

The transformation caused by the Dark Gaia changes Sonic from his normal self during the day to a werehog at night. This opens up a whole new game play. The overall gameplay is RPG style with various levels during both day and night accessed through Entrance Stages in the various cities. While daytime Sonic levels are much like the old Sonic games, nighttime sonic levels include more platforming features. All levels are in a 3D world with the ability to move around where you please. As you travel through the cities, you can talk to the townsfolk and complete small missions for them. Some of these missions are easy (such as taking items to a certain person) and some of them are excrutiatingly difficult (such as completing a level without dying in a certain amount of time).  While you don’t have to go through everything to complete the game, the additional content helps to get through the levels you do need to complete.

So is it worth a buy? I would actually have to say no. While the game has some really fun features, a lot of the levels are annoyingly difficult. Camera angles change randomly, buttons don’t always register when you need them to, and it’s easy to fall off ledges going at Sonic’s average speed. I lose my patience with the game nearly every time I put the game in. If you really want to try the game I’d suggest you rent it or borrow it from somebody that owns it.  Otherwise go ahead and skip this game. Still want to buy it? Check out the link below.

Buy Sonic Unleashed (PS3/PS2/360/Wii)
Sonic Unleashed Trophy List


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