PS3 Firmware 2.70 Coming Sooner Than You Think

Call this one a rumor until I’m able to cite a source, but somebody told me that Sony is poised to release firmware 2.70 for PS3 within the next 24 hours.

This fits with other rumblings we’ve heard, and reading between the lines of other news stories. Resistance 2 is getting patched tomorrow, and it’s been confirmed that the patch requires a firmware update to utilize features that aren’t currently available. While the firmware release window isn’t all that surprising, what it (supposedly) includes is.

Rumored features of firmware 2.70 include enhanced voice messaging, faster in-game XMB access/Trophy retrieval, background synching of Trophies, and multi-user simultaneous logins for games that support it (Resistance 2 will use it).

If half of that list proves to be true… I’ll be happy.

We’ll know for sure VERY soon.


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  1. Crossing my fingers. Now that there is a significant amount of games that are calling for an easier XMB interface (Ala Resident Evil 5 invite procedure and a lack of clans sticking together in Killzone 2 unless specifically IN a clan match) it would be nice to see if they address some easier methods or something equivalent to the party system if it’s possible via Home or another means.

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