Wii Update Allows SD Card Launching

An update for Nintendo Wii has gone live… get downloading.

What’s so special about this update? Reggie’s promised ‘storage solution’ is now a reality. You can move Channels to an SD/SDHC card, and launch them from there. The Channel will still require the same amount of space on your Wii system memory to RUN, and the Channel will be tied to your specific machine (to prevent piracy), but this is definitely a welcome update.

Along with the ability to use SD cards to backup Channels, the Wii will also support larger SDHC cards… up to 32GB.

In case it hasn’t clicked yet, that’s a lot bigger than a 20GB hard drive that original XBox 360’s and some launch PS3’s shipped with.

Good for Nintendo! Now we won’t have to ‘clean out the fridge’ as often.


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  1. Thought I would just drop a line in case there are some Homebrewers out there. No big surprise, the 4.0 update pretty much prevents you from loading anything via the homebrew network. After years of good service the ‘Twilight Hack’ is no more. Also I found you you really don’t play your channels from the SD Card. The information is copied from your SD card to the onboard memory and then played from there. So you still have to watch your WII system memory and make sure it doesn’t fill or you will be screwed, no matter what the size of you SD Card. I have to admit I was a wii bit (ha a funny) disappointed to find this out and that I upgraded for no real good reason.

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